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21-23 May 2012
American Society for Quality World Conference on Quality and Improvement
Anaheim, California

17-19 Oct 2012
KM World 2012
Washington, DC

1-2 Nov 2012
Northern New England Association of Healthcare Executives Annual Meeting
Woodstock, Vermont

10 Nov 2012
American Society for Quality
Division Affairs Council
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

1 Dec 2012
American Society for Quality
Healthcare Division
Strategic Planning
New Orleans, Louisiana

Upcoming Events


11-14 March 2013
American College of Healthcare Executives Congress on Healthcare Leadership
Chicago, Illinois

7-13 April 2013
Baldrige Quest for Excellence
Marriot Waterfront

Baltimore, Maryland

6-8 May 2013
American Society for Quality
World Conference on Quality and Improvement

Indianapolis, Indiana




The International Institute for Organizational Excellence (IIOE) was established in 2000 as a resource for local business, organizations, and agencies to improve internal and external communications through the use of web based information services.

In the intervening years the IIOE has expanded to include services related to organizational improvement through employee development, data management and analysis services and education, and services related to strategic development with a focus on the delivery of health care services in the pre-hospital and medical transportation environments.

Through a collaborative effort with several system development, academic, and research organizations, the IIOE has recently begun to expand its focus of service delivery and system development to offering comprehensive services that address the knowledge management and organizational learning concerns of the entire spectrum of small business, government, and not-for-profit systems.

Guiding Principles

The International Institute for Organizational Excellence will become an international leader in building world class organizations.


To transform society through the example of a Customer Focus, Personal Integrity, Promotion of Lifelong Learning, and the Pursuit of Excellence, Efficiency, and Efficacy in the management of small business, healthcare, governmental, and not-for-profit systems.

The International Institute for Organizational Excellence will fulfill its mission by:

1. Setting an example of academic and professional integrity in the delivery of it services and products,

2. Promoting the development of a culture of collaboration among all organizational stakeholders,

3. Identifying and disseminating information on industry and operational best practices related to organizational performance excellence and systems thinking.

4. Defining and developing systems for the collection of tacit and explicit knowledge and for the utilization of this knowledge in the improvement of systems designed to promote patient safety and organizational efficiency.

5. Assisting individuals and organizations in learning and applying historical, modern, and evolving principles of quality or process improvement and performance excellence.

6. Promoting and providing assistance in the integration of organizational processes with a customer-centered strategic plan, for the purpose of...

improving organizational efficiency,

improving the value of the organization's services to its customers, and

enhancing the capability of the organization in delivering measurable improvements in business, operational, and clinical outcomes.



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